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Alice Fox--Boned-a

Alice Fox: Boned

Boned is a completed webcomic–just three chapters, but no collected volume cover yet. To be perfectly honest, though, I don’t know what to make of it. New loves, slipped mickeys, avian hi-jinx, forgotten nights, fenced jewelry, and safe sex. It was like a half-remembered poem inside a fevered dream. Some things gave me pause while […]

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Rachel Lou--The Bridge

Rachel Lou: The Bridge

The story was interesting but I didn’t like Everett. He was the main character, but I didn’t like him. He was self-serving and he unnecessarily put people in danger because he was curious. The bridge is a story about a boy witch who finds out that he’s a Bridge Master, which means that he not only can […]

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Annabeth Albert--Status Update

Annabeth Albert: Status Update

Initially, Status Update was readable; I kind of drifted through it for a day and a half, picking it up when I had time. I was never excited about going back to it, I just wanted to finish it. But so much for that intention, I ended up dropping it. Just past halfway though–the end […]

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R. Cooper--Checking Out Love

R. Cooper: Checking out Love

Jeremy was hipped to an item in the special collections at a private library and he, a man of endless curiosity, was dying to see it. He’d also heard about the librarian who managed the tomes and artifacts–he was supposed to be a tyrant of sorts, strict and demanding. But Jeremy thought that the book (or books)–the […]

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Kay Simone--You're the One That I Want-02

Kay Simone: You’re the One That I Want

This was cute and tickled at something I used to think about a lot when I was younger, working and hanging out on South Street (Philadelphia, PA). I haven’t been there in years, so I’m not sure how much it has changed, but my time on South Street was filled with people and lifestyles. I […]

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Kay Simone--The Aftermath

Kay Simone: The Aftermath

This is quite possibly one of the best stories I’ve ever read. A story about two people who really shouldn’t be together. A story about two people who have traveled different paths, yet ended up at the same place. One’s path a little more rugged, a little more painful, a little more devastating. The the […]

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Jay Northcote--Practice Makes Perfect

Jay Northcote: Practice Makes Perfect

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the fake it ’till you make it or pretend lovers trope. I don’t dislike it, but I’ve never sought out any stories and, at the moment, I can’t seem to recall any particular stories that I’ve read and or liked. While the leads of Practice Makes Perfect, […]

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Dillon Hunter--Spotlight

Dillon Hunter: Spotlight

Fan meets his Idol and they fall in love. Asher Cain is famous and Micah Hart is not–not yet, anyway. As the reigning king of rom-coms, Asher has an image to uphold and his agent will probably suffer a coronary making sure he does. At an industry party, Asher is going through the motions, bored […]

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Ashely John--Timing

Ashley John: Timing

Timing is about Tom and Cole, both men are trying to steer their lives in the direction of their dreams, but things like the absence or presence of money, fear, and opportunity seem to keep taking the wheel. Cole is farm grown and wants to stay that way, but the family farm is in the red, […]

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{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V01 [4.4]

Nitta Youka: Starting with a Kiss V01-V03

I read this forever ago, but I’m just getting around to posting it. This was a rather exciting read. I enjoyed this WAY more than I thought I would. I’m still not too keen on her faces and sometimes her environments are so perfect that they’re distracting, but all of her strengths–like well-written characters and […]

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