Sina Grace: Not My Bag

Sina Grace--Not My BagHe’s a brand specialist at a department store and this job that begins with a love for fashion comes to an end in a blaze of stress, unbecoming behavior and paranoia. Throughout his telling of this stop-over period in his life, we learn about his passion for comics and struggles with relationships. But all is not returns and lost sales; with time, a renewed sense of self, and some good people looking out for him, he manages to climb out of the void he got sucked into and move on to much better things.

I’ve never worked for commission–I’m wholly against it–but I can relate to his retail woes. Actually, I can relate to a bunch of things in this comic, though that saddens me. I’m glad I picked this up during an Image Comics sale on comiXology. I also got his Self-Obsessed, so I’ll be reading that soon enough.

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