Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, & Mike Perkins: Stephen King’s The Stand V02-V06

I finally finished this series!

It was good and held my attention all the way through. Most of what I wrote about the first volume held out until the end. However, I wasn’t too keen on that very last encounter–it rang false.

Well, maybe not false, but unimaginative and limited in scope. I think I liked reading about everyone’s journey to Boulder the most. But one of the most interesting things was the antagonist, R.F.–he went by many names. He was powerful, but he didn’t know everything and he couldn’t control everything. He figured out how to levitate during the course of the story. Even though he could creep into people’s dreams, remotely produce oil slicks, and send wolves to kill people, he was still limited to using man-made devices to attack the contingent in Boulder. Also, he gained followers mostly through fear. The story made it out like he was charming in his own way, but I think it was more intimidation than anything else and people made the choice to succumb to the pressure because they feared what would happen if they didn’t.


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The most peculiar thing was that Flagg was made uncomfortable by Trashy. Then again, I suppose he couldn’t read his loyalty well enough since Trashy had a singular focus that would have most likely obscured seemingly secondary objectives, but was still wildly unpredictable.

I don’t think I’ll read the books, but I might watch the mini-series someday.

Three down, 49~ to go.

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