2016 Book Queue

I’m challenging myself to forego rereading a favorite and to instead read something I haven’t read before.

This is totally a no-pressure thing for me because I hate obligations, but I think I can do it, so I’m putting it out there.

It seems simple enough, but I have so many books that I haven’t read even though I’ve had the time to read them. Some have been on my shelf for years.

Of course

I do read a lot of things I haven’t read before, but the comfort of the familiar can be irresistible. If I compared the number of new titles I read last year to the number of times I’ve re-read titles, the scale would undoubtedly tip in rereading’s favor.

So, what I want is for every time I have the time to read, for me to make a conscious choice to read something new. I’m not challenging myself to finish anything, just to start something new. Just a chapter. If it’s good, I won’t need to convince myself to finish it.

I think I’ll also include books that I’ve started, but never finished (not because they were bad, of course, well, that’s the case for most of them). Only because it’s been so long for many of these, that I have to restart them anyway.

The List

[2] Resolve to read these classic you may have missed – I’m only listing two from this list because I’ve either read or have no interest in the others. (of the ones I read, The Outsiders and The Westing Game were my faves)

  • Mildred D. Taylor – Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
  • Roald Dahl – The BFG

[8] BKLYN BookMatch High Concept Sci-Fi and Adventurous but not Portentous Fantasy – Last year, In preparation for this list, I made use of @bklynlibrary‘s Bklyn BookMatch.

Recently I’ve listened to the the three main books of Le Guin’s the Hainish Cycle and enjoyed it. However, before that, I listened to Gaiman’s Anansi Boys and it is now one of my favorites of his works, second only to Stardust. I’m kind of split on what I’d like to get into–I could go either way, but they need to be available as audiobooks.

  • Susanna Clarke – The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories [1]
  • Robin McKinley – Sunshine (at the time of this post, I’ve already started this one)
  • Jasper Fforde – The Eyre Affair
  • Naomi Novik – Uprooted
  • Katherine Addison – The Goblin Emperor
  • Ann Leckie – Ancillary Justice
  • Neal Stephenson – Anathem
  • Michael Ende – The Neverending Story (so, I’ve seen this movie, loved this movie, but I’ve never read the book–this might be cheating)
  • Issac Asimov – Foundation (This was supposed to be on the list, but was forgotten, but I still managed to read it…I’m not sure)

[37] Off the Shelf – These are books that I already have in my possession–a mix of print and digital; bought and gifted; very old and relatively new; started and never touched, and so on. I’m not going to list every book I have, because that would be ridiculous. However, I will refer to this list before reading anything else in my collection.

  • Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl
  • Konno Kita – Cotton
  • Mizushiro Setona – ? (I’m long overdue–she is a victim of my rereading habit–I got stuck on a handful of her works and never ventured beyond them)
  • Sakisaka Io – Strobe Edge
  • Ohba Tsugumi & Obata Takeshi – Bakuman
  • Mark Smylie – Artesia
  • Willingham, Media, Leialoha, & Hamilton – Fables: Legends in Exile
  • Stephen King, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, & Mike Perkins – The Stand
  • Stephen King – N
  • Mike Richardson & Stan Sakai – 47 Ronin
  • Frank Miller – Sin City
  • Jenn Grunigen & Mookie – Skyglass
  • Murakami Haruki – 1Q84
  • Jessica Chavez & Irene Flore – Dead Endings
  • Sakurazaka Hiroshi – Slum Online
  • George Orwell – Down and Out In Paris and London
  • George Orwell – Keep the Aspidistra Flying
  • John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky – The Idiot
  • Alan Bennett – The Habit of Art
  • Ono Natsume – House of Five Leaves
  • Nakamura Asumiko – Utsubora
  • Moto Hagio – A Drunken Dream and Other Stories
  • Asano Inio – Solanin
  • Yoshinaga Fumi – Not Love But Delicious Foods (Make Me So Happy!) (I had to stop reading this because it just made me want to eat all the time, this is also why I haven’t bought What Did You Eat Yesterday?)
  • Takahama Kon – Monokuro Kinderbook
  • Okazaki Kyoko – Pink
  • Obata Yuki – We Were There
  • Ashihara Hinako – Sand Chronicles
  • Unita Yumi – Bunny Drop
  • Pentabu & Shinba Rize – My Girlfriend is a Geek
  • Kotegawa Yua – Anne Freaks
  • Matsumoto Taiyo – Blue Spring (I think I finished the first chapter. I was interested, but not in the mood.)
  • Mindy Kaling – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
  • Alan Bennett – The Uncommon Reader
  • Philip Roth – American Pastoral
  • Philip Roth – I Married a Communist
  • Philip Roth – The Human Stain (I saw the movie, great movie, but I didn’t know it was part of a loose trilogy at the time and I want to read the other two, so this may be read again)

Okay, so that’s 53 titles, one for each week, plus one extra in case I decide to hold off on

The Neverending Story.

I know the year has already started and I know that some of the titles have multiple volumes, but that’s okay–no pressure. Of course this is to say nothing of all of the ongoing titles that I’m reading or what I’ll be reading for my other blog.

EDIT [06.17.16]: I removed six titles and added one, so now it’s at 48; I need to select another five to get it back to 52.

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