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Marvel: Heroes for Hope

Back in the days of Live Aid and “We are the World,” people with a voice and an audience were putting forth the effort to combat famine across the world, but mostly in Africa. Heroes for Hope was Marvel’s contribution. I am positive that comic book store shelves were emptied of this title solely for […]

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Marvel: Big Hero 6 #5 [End]

The cover story they had for the fight seemed like it might turn into something that could make up for the some of the lackluster everything, but then we had the high school student body show up on the scene. And that was that. There were a few things I considered expressing, but I don’t […]

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Marvel: Big Hero 6 #4

This issue is like an info dump and feels like I’m listening to sports commentators call the plays while slipping in side commentary as they are wont to do. The fight’s progression was terrible and the end just kind of happened. And now aliens? So disappointing. At least I still like Fred. Probably the best cover, […]

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Here’s a sample of what’s on my desk” Cory McCallum & Matthew Daley: Errol Dynamic #1 Marvel: Stephen King’s N. – I started this way back when it debuted on Adobe Air TV, the first iteration. I couldn’t remember who it was by and trying to search for a comic call “N” was really difficult when […]

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First Impressions: Marvel’s Inhuman #1

In short, I liked it. It’s not a DRM-free title, so if I decide to continue, which is very likely, I’ll have to wait for the collected first print volume. Yeah, there’s also the fact that the first new inhuman to appear is named Dante and you’ll never guess what his power is. If you didn’t […]

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Marvel: Big Hero 6 #3

I was giving the story some time to pick up, but it still hasn’t, so now I just think it’s boring. The characters’ powers are fairly interesting, but most of them made it to the third installment without showcasing much of what they can do. The the fight at the onset of the story was […]

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