Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, & Mike Perkins: Stephen King’s The Stand V01- Captain Trips

This is the first of the six books in the comic adaptation of Stephen King’s epic (post-) apocalyptic novel, The Stand. As much as I love this genre, I’m not used to writing about it and add to that that this is my first time fully committing to reading something by Stephen King, and you got me kind of at a loss for words.

The story, which is about the spread of a deadly government-manufactured virus and what happens to the world after, is interesting for sure. It’s kind of gross with all the mucus, but I suspect once all the people that are going to die from it die, there will be significantly less of it. The characters are people and even with so many of them, they’re filled out with just the right amount of page time. I like how the scenes switch around and always at the right moment. Each switch keeps you engaged and it never drags, so you never have a point where you feel like you’re done with the scene and you’re wondering what’s going on with X_character or X_location.

Eventually there’s going to be a confrontation between good and evil and I’m most interested in how the story gets to there from where it’s at now. A nasty bug, the corruption of society, the end of America, a little magic, and what else, I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out in the next book, American Nightmares.


itanda replied: Neat! I’ve read the book, not the GN, but even though it was a good while back I can recall a lot of random scenes. I remember being glued to the page as the virus was spreading at the very beginning.

Yeah, my attention was complete. I could feel my eyes following the words on the page as if I was following a route on a map as the virus was passed on from one person to another, and then another and so on. I usually have that same feeling as I connect the dots in the middle or at the end of the story, so it was very interesting to feel that way so early on.

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