Marvel: Big Hero 6 #1

This issue introduces the bulk of the new Big Hero 6 roster as they attempt to neutralize a threat that seemingly came out of nowhere. The readers’ guide, Hiro, is not your average kid genius; rather than the usual condescending, know-it-all attitude towards those around him, he’s well-liked, personable, has friends, and likes to sleep in. Furthermore, even with his arsenal of scientific knowledge and know-how, he still possesses a sense of uncertainty appropriate for his age.

We spend the most time with Hiro, so it’s easier get a sense of who he is. As for the other characters, Baymax, Hiro’s robot that’s been imbued with his father’s thoughts and emotions, is kind of stiff. Honey Lemon, in her original iteration, is an awesome scientist with an abundance of compassion; I’m not sure what her deal is yet, but right now, she’s forgettable. THe same goes for Go-Go Tomago; in her original iteration, she’s a skilled fighter with a punk attitude, she falls kind of flat here. Wasabi No-Ginger… his name, yeah, he’s a chef with no personality. I’m hoping to see more from them in the coming issues. The only other person that’s piqued my interest is Furi, the team’s chaperone. Some of her skills rival Hiro’s and she’s pretty slick but plays it off with an almost mousey presence. I’m looking forward to more of her.

The writing is a bit juvenile or amateurish. It’s not awful or anything, but maybe with a hint of Velveeta? We’ll see how it goes. As for the art, I’m not gaga for it, but I like it enough.

The bonus material includes the history of the team and a few character bios, including some for former members. Seems like the rest of the issues will have similar material.

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