Marvel: Big Hero 6 #3

I was giving the story some time to pick up, but it still hasn’t, so now I just think it’s boring. The characters’ powers are fairly interesting, but most of them made it to the third installment without showcasing much of what they can do. The the fight at the onset of the story was not memorable at all. And I don’t mean that it didn’t leave an impression, I mean that, aside from the fact that it did happen, I don’t remember one panel of it.

In this issue, they’re still undercover as exchange students in Southampton. Not sure why, because, so far, there’s been no indication that the school or anyone in it have anything to do with the threat at hand. Go Go and Wasabi played with the football team against another school and there was this pep talk after the game that just made me gag. I’m not against things that are uplifting, but Go Go’s speech was so off the rack that it just made what seems to be a pointless scene even more so. The villain-for-hire is lurking in the background and manages to snatch one of the good guys and lure away two others. The next time we see them, they’ve been possessed by something and now resemble the villains from the first fight.

There’s a point in the story where one of the team members is instructed to call the Avengers. That just doesn’t sit right with me.

Some little bits about Fred appeared, but I wanted more. I was hoping that there would be a bio, but the extra material was a prose story featuring Sunpyre and Ebon Samurai. Including the handful of illustrations, it was 11 pages long. I was too bored with this issue to read it. I’m may go back to it once I finish or I may not.

I’m frustrated because I think BH6 has some interesting things to work with, but it seems as though the most interesting things won’t happen until issue #5, the last one. Sure most stories have a big payoff in the end, but it’s a waste if the journey there doesn’t get you hyped for it.

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