First Impressions: Marvel’s Inhuman #1

In short, I liked it. It’s not a DRM-free title, so if I decide to continue, which is very likely, I’ll have to wait for the collected first print volume. Yeah, there’s also the fact that the first new inhuman to appear is named Dante and you’ll never guess what his power is. If you didn’t think fire, then I’m ashamed to know you. Bonus! His meta name is…? Come on, they didn’t stretch here, at all. It’s Inferno! Yes, it’s true.

The idea of secrets hidden in someone’s genetic code awakening appeals to me. I’ve always been really excited about things like, X-men, Samurai Deeper Kyo, HeroesThe Dark is Rising, Bleach, etc. Stories where people come realize that there’s a whole other part of them that exists and maybe they have some other destiny. Since, this is kind of up that alley, I’m going to run with it for a while.

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