Alex Woolfson & Winona Nelson: Artifice

{Alex Woolfson & Winona Nelson} ArtificeMan, I want more of this! Deacon is an android–the peculiar one of a peculiar class–who prefers the label inhuman. Jeff is a human who owes his outsider status to a flaw in his X chromosome.

A few years ago, I noticed that I had developed a thing for robots and the like. Or rather, I looked back and realized that it’s been a running theme with me for a while and I really hadn’t noticed. However, despite my fondness, I’ve never been a champion for intimate relations between robots and humans. But like most things, there are exceptions and Artifice is definitely one of them. I did not know what the story was about, but it was on my list of Western BL comics I wanted to get as a way of exploring and supporting the industry. Had I known, there’s a strong possibility I would have passed it over. So glad I have a habit of buying things just because.

So, Jeff and Deacon don’t start off on great terms–kind of hard when you know someone has the intention to kill you. However, Deacon doesn’t kill Jeff and that’s why when he was collected from the planet by the corporation that dispatched him, Deacon was put into a therapy session with a Doctor who was not going for any of the nonsense he was trying to pull over on her. I won’t say anything about the hows and whys, but Deacon and Jeff do fall for each other and it’s totally believable and the reveal is cleverly built up to–and not just that one, all of them are. The story is smart, cute, funny, and intriguing. And the ending is so freakin’ cute! I say I want more, but it did end at a good place. The only thing is that when I consider the ending, I wonder about he truth of Deacon’s therapy session.

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