Ursula K. Le Guin – Books of the Hainish Cycle


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  1. Rocannon’s World [Stefan Rudnicki]
  2. Planet of Exile [Stephen Hoye and Carrington MacDuffie]
  3. City of Illusions[Stefan Rudnicki]

That Rocannon’s World cover is inexcusable. These could be considered the first books of the Hainish Cycle because they were written first, but there are at least three other titles that take place before the events of Rocannon’s World. I don’t think there are any more of the Hainish books on audio, so if I want to revisit the universe, I’m going to have to reread them. I really liked Rudnicki’s voice; and using two voices for Planet of Exile was perfect because that set up lent itself to how the the story is told through two completely different people’s points of view.

The books in this run are a vague number of centuries apart and you don’t get a firm sense of the advancements in society since they take place on different planets, but you can probably guess well enough. I enjoyed them, as I expected to, but it will be sometime before I go through the whole universe since I have to read them.

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