Guilt|Pleasure: One of These Nights

{GuiltPleasure} ITW Prequel 03-One of These Nights

This is a prequel doujinshi for In These Words. The trip they had planned for David’s birthday took a backseat to a special assignment that sent David across the country to Las Vegas. But cancelled plans don’t have to mean no plans at all.

I’m used to seeing Katsuya somewhere on the spectrum of suit to naked–impressive all the way around, but seeing him in casual wear is different. He doesn’t seem as intimidating. Standing outside of David’s hotel door, he seemed a little lost, but normal, content, hopeful, even. Katsuya showing up unexpected is a nice peek at where they are in their relationship. That he feels he can just do that and that he knows he will be unconditionally welcomed means a lot. Also, the hug that David greets Katsuya with is marvelous and confirms where Katsuya believes they are in their relationship. Although, not exactly canon anymore, David has done some high-level assuming for Katsuya’s birthday as well.

I find it difficult to describe what I think is a really good sex scene. On the other hand, I can quickly run off the things that turn me off or make the scene rather enh (I’m a natural born complainer). Me calling a sex scene good is purely based on my reaction to it; the feeling I get as my eyes take it in. I call myself a voyeur, but I don’t actually get turned on or get off on any BL I read, though I am highly intrigued by some. I guess what I get out of it is more practical, a dissection of sorts. I always hold the passion and intensity of the sex up to where the couple is in their relationship and if I don’t buy their I love yous, then their sex will mostly like not appeal to me. I may appreciate the artwork, but I will get nothing more from it.

New York Minute gave us a lead in and the morning after. First, Do No Harm gave us it’s been two weeks since the last time I touched you. Both good, both in tune with the story. But, One of These Nights is something else. I think it’s their rawest sex thus far and I feel like I was intruding by witnessing it. There wasn’t even that much in the way of penetration, but the whole thing just hit that spot for me–that spot that tells me that it’s good (g-spot?). Not that the others weren’t, but I think this was superior.

When I received it two and a half years ago, I wrote this:

With each cover David and The Good Doctor have gotten physically closer, more intimate. I loved the cover for First, Do No Harm, but this cover is mouthwateringly delicious. I don’t want to call it sweet and it’s so much more than sexy. Looking at it makes me sigh. As if I long to be held by [or] to hold someone like that, but it’s still more than that. It’s like a sigh of relief, like all is right with the world. If I’m feeling this way about the cover alone, then I can’t imagine how much I’m going to flip out over the contents. Only time will tell.

I don’t remember what I thought about it when I first read it, but time has told and while I’m not flailing about, I do feel like I’m flipping out, in a way. It remains one of my favorite G|P covers, definitely my favorite of all the prequels.

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