Guilt|Pleasure: New York Minute

{GuiltPleasure} ITW Prequel 01-New York Minute

This is a prequel doujinshi for In These Words. The first one written, but no longer the first chronologically. This is where we are introduced to the reigning favorite seme (according to the poll on the G|P FB comm), NYPD Homicide Detective David S. Krause. I fell in love with him instantly. I also became an instant fan of Suzume who wrote the short prose “Prey” which is included in this doujinshi and is actually a prequel to the comic. This is the beginning of David and Katsuya’s relationship as colleagues and friends and more. It wasn’t part of this story, but, at some point, David makes a comment to Katsuya about it taking a year to get in his pants–not like he kept getting turned down, but Katsuya’s shut up like Fort Knox, so getting past that general level of civility and cordiality would have been difficult. Now when I read this, I always wonder at which point did David realize he was into Katsuya. Was it immediately or was it after a few conversations. Was the restrained protectiveness he showed at the beginning of “Prey” just a David thing (it could be, he’s that kind of guy) or was it a David likes Katsuya thing? The answer probably won’t change anything, but it’s something I’d like to know.

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