Konno Kita: Cotton

Natsuki’s sister marries into a family and the groom’s little sister, Michiko-chan, is troublesome. She’s a first-year in high school and has some actual issues, but she also intentionally makes a nuisance or herself and makes people uncomfortable. And she likes to play the victim. After a follow up to a brief encounter, Natsuki’s family and, later, her sister’s mother in-law just kind of foist Michiko-chan off on Natsuki. Natsuki’s not into it, but she doesn’t do a good job of putting an end to the imposition.

By the end of the first chapter, I wondered if I was going to make it through. I just can’t stand when people impose on others and the one being imposed upon just takes it and frets to themselves about it. Fortunately, Natsuki reaches her boiling point and does a pretty decent job of putting Michiko-chan in her place. I was really happy about it, because Natsuki went in for the kill. But I also think it was completely necessary because the in-laws were useless and Michiko-chan was never going to leave her pity party and start taking responsibility for herself if everyone around her just held their tongue and held her at arm’s length feeling sorry for her.

Overall, the story was alright. In addition to the title story, there were a handful of short stories. They were okay, but not at all memorable.

Nine down, 43~ to go.

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