Roan Parrish: In the Middle of Somewhere

Roan Parrish--In the Middle of SomewhereThis story is about a guy, Daniel, from Philadelphia who takes a job as an English Professor in a very rural town in Michigan. On his way to his his motel after the interview for the position, he had an accident that he walked away from, but still needed to find help and ended up running into some reticent guy named Rex in the middle of nowhere.

It couldn’t even be three hours later and they were kissing. Extremely awkward kissing at that.

No chemistry beyond Daniel’s endocrine system going into overdrive was even apparent between he and Rex before Rex kissed him. Just because you find out someone shares your sway, doesn’t mean the door is open for physically intimate interactions. There was seriously no lead up and it was just awkward and only stood to make their second kiss–the set up for the added awkwardness of Daniel’s eventual return and second encounter with Rex–even more ridiculous. It was kind of gross.

I was only 10% of the way in and I dropped it. And to think, there’s a second book. I feel tortured just knowing this.

Well, the cover is nice–though, the chest tattoo looks so fake.

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