Nitta Youka: Starting with a Kiss V01-V03


{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V01 [4.4]

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{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V02 [4.4]

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{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V03 [4.4]


I read this forever ago, but I’m just getting around to posting it. This was a rather exciting read. I enjoyed this WAY more than I thought I would. I’m still not too keen on her faces and sometimes her environments are so perfect that they’re distracting, but all of her strengths–like well-written characters and deliciously illustrated sex–are hard at work in this 3-volume series. I always worry if Nitta’s flair for the dramatic will outshine the story, but, fortunately, the drama was tempered by the intrigue, angst, and well-timed humor. Together and individually, the leads Tohru and Mutsumi were interesting characters and their family situation made for good relational dynamics amongst the cast. And from that, a story of history, leadership, and power plays sprang. I read all three volumes in one night because the story was that good. I even reread a few parts once I was done.

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