Philip K. Dick: The Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick V01-V02


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Read by Tom Weiner, et. al

There’s no such thing as a happy ending with him. Unfortunate? Sure. Ambiguous? Absolutely! Happy? What is that? This was a great collection of hopeless endings. My favorite from the first volume is “The Electric Ant”, a story about an android who doesn’t know that he is one and how he copes when he finds out. From the second volume, “The Days of Perky Pat” was probably the most familiar as it made me think of some of the nonsense that goes on on Tumblr in regards to fandoms. Altogether, “Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” is probably the saddest one for me–it’s either about a guy who loses the ability to tell the difference between virtual and actual reality or a guy who gets stuck reliving endless versions of the same virtual event.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I’ve learned that I’m not fan of Tom Weiner’s readings. Entirely to stilted. Fortunately, he only read a few of the stories.

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