Shima Asahi: Reset

It’s a shame, because there’s actually a pretty decent story under all of the scribble. There’s LOTS of sex. But rather than it being sexy, it was just messy and exhausting. Just about every page the uke showed up on was attacked with speed lines and all kinds of unnecessary tone. It really is ridiculous and it will seem even more so once you get to the part of the story that focuses on the seme’s business/family life. It’s like exiting a dense forest and finding yourself on the edge of a wide-open plain.

When I first saw the cover, I thought the art looked like followers of Fuwa Shinri and Kamo Nabako had gotten together to make a go of it. However, while the interior art resembles the cover art, it lost all of the sheen of the two art styles I’ve come to appreciate.

If you can get past the dizzying art and the soap opera acting, there’s a story to be read. It may have been better in more capable hands.

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