Yamane Ayano: The Finder Series V01-V06

[Juné] {Yamane Ayano} Finder V01 Target in the Viewfinder [4.7]

It took me quite some time to start reading this series because I wasn’t impressed with the other titles I read by her. The bl community was collectively falling over itself about this Asami guy and some other guy named Fei Long… How great could it be? Well it was my loss and I was completely defeated once I finally read the first volume. Let’s put aside the plenitude of erotica for a moment. The story is solid. A twist on the yakuza vs. police, opposite sides of the law attract dynamic. We have Asami Ryuichi, a self-possessed chief figure of the Japanese underworld and Takaba Akihito, a relatively law-abiding freelance photojournalist; they are embroiled in a never ending game of tug-o-war between their principles and their hearts. There’s guns, intra-continental abductions and chases, stalking, idols, spies, and a soupcon of BDSM. It’s not like Sanctuary level of scheming and intrigue, but it is a very exciting story.

Now, back to the sex. Oh, the sex. Yes, the sex. Can I just say that the sex is great? OK, the sex is great. My favorite sex scene was when they were on the boat coming back from Hong Kong. It was beautiful. From their first encounter, I was completely entranced when I saw how well Asami and Takaba got on. And it was so neat. I am not a fan of the Niagara Falls volume of fluid that some sex sequences contain–that’s just too much spunk. So I was happy to see appropriate amounts of sweat trickling down jaws and glistening on abdomens; and semen dripping from orifices and various extremities.

Asami is a commanding presence; the kind of man that can melt you by simply ignoring you. Their relationship is a mess, but I love it. And then there’s Fei Long; he is sensuality manifested. His body pulses with “just take me” and his eyes are deep pools of lust to be drowned in. More than with his precious Akihito, I really wanted to see the kind of loin bursting, spasm inducing, heart arresting sex that Asami would have with Fei Long. Don’t get me wrong, I can find little fault with Akihito, but Fei Long is, well, he’s Fei Long. Perhaps within the confines of Akihito’s dreams, because neither Asami nor Fei Long would ever fantasize about it… unless someone knows something I don’t?

V01 Target in the Viewfinder
V02 Cage in the Viewfinder
V03 One Wing in the Viewfinder
V04 Prisoner in the Viewfinder
V05 Truth in the Viewfinder
V06 Passion Within the Viewfinder

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