Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi: Love Series


Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi--It's Only Love

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Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi-- Tired of Waiting for Love


It’s Only Love and Tired of Waiting for Love are the beginnings of a sexy series, so sexy. Takatsudo and Sawaragi effortlessly dripped their alpha maleness all over the pages and I just lapped it up. There is a 3rd story, a novel, Snow Petal (Hanabira Yuki), that continues the story of Sawaragi and Shuuya and looks into Shuuya’s past a bit. It was also illustrated by Yamada Yugi, but I don’t know if there are plans to turn it into a manga. It introduces at least two new characters, a delicious megane seme-type named Asagi and a (by comparison) long-haired uke-type named Uchida. Even if this never becomes a manga, I would love for the novel to be translated. DMG says they have a lot of novels waiting to be translated, so hopefully this is one of them.

Wishing upon all that is yaoi, I’d love to read more about Hasumi-san and a continuation focusing on Makoto and Ai.

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