Rokka Sugiura: Fantasy Paradise

There was nothing to grab onto with the title story. It just went on and on and on until it didn’t. The second story, “Lunchtime Lover,” was a little better, but it didn’t get there until the end of the first part. It’s hard to really dig into it because there’s so little there that talking about it would give away the few surprises that it had. The seme in the second story looked a bit like Josh from Kamuro Akira & Takao Hiroi’s Ikenai Otoko, which, by the way, is nothing like this and falls on the awesome side of excellent.

The two stories are broken up into mini chapters that each run about 10 pages or so. This format is on the wrong end of my preference spectrum. Noboru Takatsuki’s Oku-san’s Daily Fantasies was like that as well and I wasn’t so keen on that either. The first 2 or 3 are fine, but after that I just get anxious and annoyed by the repetition. Also, I prefer 4-koma usage to be limited to omakes and I when I watched television in the past, I wasn’t into 30-minute shows (w/ the exception of HGTV and the Food Network). I said all that to say: This was probably hilarious, but I just couldn’t get into it due to my being partial to continuous stories rather than episodic ones.

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