Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys

 Read by Lenny Henry

I stumbled across this and I loved it! My favorite fairy tale is Gaiman’s Stardust and this story excited me in the same way. The stories aren’t similar, just that they are both really awesome and they suck you into their world. The basic thread of the story is Fat Charlie’s journey toward understanding himself. And not just what kind of person he is, but who he truly is. To help or hinder him along the way are, among others, his father, his fiancee, his boss, a handful of constables and every kind of animal you could ever think of. And the reader was excellent! In the video I posted the other day, Gaiman talks about how he was in talks to have this story brought to the box office and the company that he was dealing with had the intention to straight up whitewash the cast (right around the 1-hour mark). Just…no. I have to wonder if they even read the story.


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