First Impressions: Delmo’s Wrong Answer

[box border=”full”]N.B.: This post has been updated (primarily link-wise) multiple times due to the comic’s author’s disappearance from and reemergence onto the internet/webcomic scene. Things are still not 100% with them, but it seems safe to say that the comic will return next year (2017). I will keep the links updated should they change again.[/box]

{Delmo} Wrong Answer-01

Wrong Answer is only 24 pages so far, but I adore it! I think with the first few pages you kind of get the feeling that the comic is just set up to lampoon the BL genre, but when you have a Jekyll & Hyde model student pursuing the new kid who initially seems like he coined the phrase “I can’t be bothered with this $#!%”, but turns out to be quite the straight shooter with his own unexpected side to him, lampooning doesn’t quite cover it.

{Delmo} Wrong Answer-02

The artist, (formerly known as) Delmo, rewrites some of the cliche BL moments with wit, snark, and a good bit of intrigue. The leads, Andy and Linus, are joined by the pair Matt and Tom, the student body Pres and his Vice. They’ve also got other sides to them, but their veneer seems to peel back most whenever Andy mentions Linus.

I had fun reading this and I think I’m going to have even more watching the story progress. Actually, I was just so much into the casts antics while reading, that I didn’t once think about how the story will get from A to Z. “A” being Andy and Linus’ first encounter and “Z” being them ending up together.That’s rare.

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