First Impressions: Mast, Geoffo, & Balak’s Pax Arena #1

An investigation into the death of an accountant working for the “fight to the death show, Pax Arena. It’s off to a good start. This is another landscape layout and it has cool transitions from one scene to the next. It’s black and white, more black than white. Unfortunately, since Episode 1 was released in August, there’s been no new releases on comiXology. I saw that all eight were up on Thrillbent’s site, so I’m downloading them in PDF and CBZ. I wish they were all available through comiXology; it would make it easier for me and the original version that’s on Thrillbent won’t have the cool transitions, updated dialogue, and extra content. Since I’ll have to download, compile, and chapter episodes 1-8, I won’t get to reading this all the way through to the end until then, which isn’t happening tonight. But it’s interesting, so I should get to it soon enough.

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