First Impressions: Jen Van Meter & Roberto De la Torre’s The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage #1

I like it and I think I’ll continue it. I’m usually wary of things dealing with the occult. It can go a few ways: ancient civilizations, other worlds, secret societies, or creepy gore—it’s the latter that I prefer to steer clear of. Dr. Mirage, Shan Fong, can speak with the dead, but she makes no promises because she’s not a con-artist. Unfortunately, even though she has this power, it hasn’t been any use in communicating with her husband who is no longer among the living. She eventually takes on a job that may be able help her with that. And that’s where this issue leaves off.

It’s DRM-free, but there are only four issues so far, so it hasn’t been collected into a volume yet, so this will be put on the waitlist.

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