Sakurazawa Erica: The Rules of Love

I’m at a loss as to what I thought of this the first time around, but I liked it well enough this time. In between readings I went through something that kind of echoed this story of Chizu who falls in love with Taku and ends up giving her all to this loser until she couldn’t take it anymore. Although everything was against her better judgment, she wasn’t without any reason to keep things going. In the beginning he did little things that made her happy and there was a point where he seemed like he was trying to change, but I guess some people just can’t.

Some long forgotten memories resurfaced and I couldn’t help but laugh at most of them. Even though I don’t remember what I thought of this the first time I read it, I’m sure my perspective has change. All in all the story was decent, but I think it lacked a bit in the character development area. I suppose if it was longer, it might have made a deeper impression on me, but as it is, at 150 or so pages, I’ll most likely forget about it until it strikes my fancy to read it again.

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