Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Three – Change [S3] E01-03


  • Wait… What was that? Bumi just… It’s not latent abilities… there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this… right?
  • She has a blue glider!
  • “I should be able to fix this; I’m the Avatar.” I see she still hasn’t truly grasped what it means to be the Avatar. She’s supposed to maintain balance, but how can she when she doesn’t take time to understand what’s on both sides of the scale. It’s early yet, so I won’t pin disappointment on her for now, but she’s really got to stop looking at the role of the Avatar as some kind of social status or trophy. She’s supposed to be a mediator, but in order to be good at that, you have to be good at listening and curbing any habits of jumping to conclusions. She still has a ways to go.
  • FINALLY! FREAKIN’ FINALLY! I really like Bumi and I’ve just been completely crushed by the way they treat him. They never showed that he was caught in a lie when he was a kid, so it always bothered me that they seemed to not believe him because he was seemingly carefree and animated. Finally. Well, I still don’t believe he was bending, but at least they finally saw proof of one of his wild stories.
  • OK, so it’s a phenomenon… I assume caused by the Harmonic Convergence.
  • Thank goodness for Tenzin, I wish she would just listen to him. He’s been saying the same things the whole time.
  • Well, hello, Zaheer… or should I say, Henry Rollins! The credits will prove me right on this.
  • Zaheer certainly made use of his solitude.
  • Now with this, I return to my previous question about bending… It’s definitely hereditary, but it can also be learn the way Toph learned from the badgermoles. So if that’s so, why aren’t there more airbenders until now. Then again, there’s nothing that says that Toph’s bending didn’t skip her parents generation and she had the genes before the badgermoles.


  • Mako is a dork.
  • I get their desire to rebuild the air nation, but I hope they mean as a diaspora and don’t intended to herd people to the various air temples. That would be like creating pseudo-concentration camps. And even if they don’t, expecting people to just change their lives because they have a vanishing ability is self-centered.
  • OK, so Ghazan? What did he do? He can’t be a firebender because he would have burned down his wooden prison. Zaheer tossed him earth, but he heated it up. …What is going on?
  • See. Pie dude’s not having it. It’s ridiculous for them to assume that everyone will see it their way or even care if they can bend.
  • They’ve become evangelists! I really don’t like this side of them. I get if from Korra, but Tenzin as well?
  • This is only the second episode and bending is already better than everything that happened in Book Two. Ming-Hua’s bending is better than what Korra’s shown so far. She wears it like her own skin. I was wondering if she even had arms of flesh and bone.
  • Zuko! I remember you when you were just a brat!


  • I love how girl twin and Zuko pretty much had a bonding moment over their failed attempts to kill the Avatar.
  • Someone needs to teach Korra diplomacy.
  • So, I was annoyed by Kai, but now I see he was a device to put us into the thick of the army.
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