Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Three – Change [S3] E04-06


  • HYPOCRITES! Yeah, the Earth Queen just has more manpower to force people to do things against their will. Even though you’re the Avatar, you and Tenzin just can’t cut it. And it’s just as well, because it’s WRONG!
  • I’m not expecting each show to end like an episode of Mister Rogers, but I’d like a bit more of an acknowledgement from the cast regarding their new understandings. They always just kind of gloss over it and I get mad when they face a similar situation down the road, but they act like it’s their first time encountering it. Especially Korra; she never learns.


  • The metal city is pretty awesome.
  • They had the Fire Island Players, the Movers, and now dance and abstract art. Am I forgetting any other forms of artistic expression? What’s a culture without their art?
  • We’ve reached Book Three and Korra hasn’t changed. Where is the character growth? I will admit, this is not as infuriating as Book Two, but why do I have to watch a main character who continues to walk the baseline of their character arc?
  • If Lin says to leave her alone, then leave her alone. Why must characters always meddle to the point of making people angrier or hurting them more than they already are? And seriously, Korra is doing it again–siding with people she doesn’t know over the people she does.
  • At least Bolin has left the buffoonery behind. 


  • I’m seriously annoyed by how blind Korra is to her own actions. What irritates me even more is that the story is so much better than Book Two, but Korra isn’t. She wants Lin to apologize to Opal for the way she talked to her, but doesn’t see the need for Opal nor herself to apologize for trying to manipulate Lin by having Opal cozy up to her?
  • Wait… Ming-Hua actually doesn’t have arms? That’s so cool!
  • But again, what’s up with Ghazan? Is he from the lava clan or something?
  • I get that Zaheer was an Air Nomad fanboy, but how in touch he is with it after he became an airbender is scary. I also get that Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P’li have exceptional bending skills, but Zaheer only just became an airbender, so aside from chasing after the Avatar, what type of threat did he pose?
  • TOPH!
  • The fight between Lin and Su is so refreshing! refinedmonstrosity was right, I’d definitely be an earthbender (metal and lava, too).
  • Yes! It’s not perfect, but Lin’s talk with Opal and Su is the kind of acknowledgement I’ve been hoping for. I really feel that they’ve turned the last page on a difficult chapter in their lives and what they learned will change them and it will show in their character. All that in two episodes and almost nothing to show for Korra after two and a half books.
  • I can’t wait to see Bolin metalbend.
  • Also, can P’li actually bend or does she just have her fiery beam of death? I can’t remember.
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