Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Three – Change [S3] E07-09


  • HA! Why is the only guy who seems to be enthralled with Air Nomad history called Otaku?
  • OK. I don’t like Korra and Tenzin’s attitude and perspective on training. Why do they feel the need to manipulate people like that? I honestly think that if Tenzin pocketed his pride for a minute and straightforwardly approached Bumi about taking a leadership role, he’d happy to do it. To me, Bumi was a carefree kind of guy who just got tired of being dismissed, especially by his younger siblings, and started to wear his jocundity as a suit of armor to keep from getting hurt. He definitely takes after Aang–the freshly thawed version. Tenzin probably doesn’t want to hear Bumi tease him about needing him, but compared to how Bumi has been rejected and relegated to the liar’s corner most of his life, a little teasing is nothing. Of course Tenzin would never see it that way.
  • Conflict-resolution? No. Arrogant exploitation. No matter how it turns out, it won’t excuse their tactics.
  • OH MY GOODNESS! He asked him straight out, but he still doesn’t get it.
  • NO! He’s wearing an air bison pelt…  I think I’m going to be sick.


  • So, for half a second I thought that Su really didn’t change and those two guys she was hanging out with when she was younger–well at least one of them–might have been Zaheer, but then Lin and Su reconciled, and nothing else happened. Except, Zaheer meditated and found that Korra was in Zaofu. I thought he was just really in touch the spirituality of the Air Nomads and was working his super fanboy mojo to search for her airbending spirit or something like that. Anyway, now that we’re back in Zaofu, I’m wondering if he actually made a spiritual call to someone else. That takes me back to Su–also, Opal was a little weird when Bolin first walked up on her in the gazebo, but I don’t really think it’s either of them. Varrick is always suspicious, but I don’t think it’s him. Or maybe I’m thinking about it too much. 
  • Seriously, Ming-Hua’s way with water is brilliant.
  • Thank goodness for Mako.
  • Aiwei! Grrrrr!
  • I really don’t understand Korra. Her trust compass it in complete disrepair. Why are they writing her this way? She’s a terrible character.


  • The location of the grove is a great twist.
  • So the Pai Sho board making an appearance is no coincidence. Now we have the red and the white who, like the rule book mentions, have differing ideas of how to “play the game.”
  • She reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.
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