Watch: Inoue Takehiko – Vagabond

While I enjoy his finished products, I love watching Inoue draw and paint. It’s like a hypnotic melody. I’ve seen some GIFs of this, but the video is only 30 seconds so I wanted that, too. Initially I thought it was silly to make multiple GIFs out of something that was only 30 seconds long, but after seeing them enough my thoughts have turned. I think the gifs and the video offer different perspectives and, as a result, conjure up different feelings.

Though edited, the video gives you the feeling of a brief and un-fractured moment in time while the GIFs, though fractured, give you the feeling of single moments stretching on for eternity. It actually takes longer to take in the GIFs than it does the 30 second video. They’re often meant to highlight the best moments, and they have, but even more so, the cuts are what extend the life of the video beyond just 30 seconds. Well, it’s 30 seconds of Inoue, so no matter how you slice it, it’s going to be good. However, with these you get to appreciate each moment that much more.

GIF 1 | GIF 2

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