{Kojima Lalako} Yume Yume Shinjuu

Kojima Lalako: Yume Yume Shinjuu

{Kojima Lalako} Yume Yume ShinjuuAfter reading The Seven Things I’m Sorry For, I hoped for more of the same from her. However, I was let down when I read Ninth Life Love. So, before I read this I prepared myself for it going either way, but I’m happy to report that this book did a much better job at satiating the appetite that was first whet with The Seven Things I’m Sorry For.

It didn’t take long for me to see that it was going to be a little unsettling, a little creepy, and a little depressing. That made me really happy. There’s family secrets, missing memories, and unexpected connections all working to keep you guessing and piecing things together until the end. And even at the end, some things remained a mystery. But it wasn’t all gray skies. Somewhere in there, I happened to read one of the funniest perceptions of a type of relationship that shall remain nameless I’ve ever read. It’s completely understandable, but I’ve never come across it before.

I’d like seconds. Not that I don’t want her to expand her horizons or cut her teeth on other genres, but I quite like what she does with mystery, supernatural, and tragic stories, so I’d like to read more.

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