Hanamaki Anna: Renai Patisserie

Let’s see. The title story started out rather silly to me, but then Erio started showing his true colors, which happened to be 5 shades of lewd and about 3 shades of possessive. Then it was just funny and it was refreshing to see a uke desire it and ask for it without shame and to be upfront about his concerns. One thing after another kept them from actually following through and at one point, I wondered if Kai actually wanted to be uke.

The second story’s uke looked too young and it was a Teacher x Student pairing, so it was a waste of time reading it. I pretty much skipped over the rest of the stories because they were all about human-animal hybrids, which is usually “do not enter” territory for me. However, the extra returned to the main story and hit me with a much darker tone out of nowhere, but at the same time made it seem as if my lingering suspicion was very much grounded in their reality.

All in all, I would have been satisfied if the volume was solely comprised of the main story and since I’d just like to ignore the rest of the stories, I’m just basing my score on the main one. There were some really good moments; moments that made me think, “I like this guy” or “I like that line,” but the difference in quality between the silly and the serious was not quite vast, but definitely noticeable.

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