Kuku Hayate: Sword and Mist

I wasn’t drawn to this title, but my friend Gaby recommended it to me a while back, but it was only now that I was able to actually check it out. I’m glad I did.

Sword and Mist was a pretty entertaining read. It’s the story of two wolves from rival clans who fall for each other and we get to witness what happens on their way down. I liked the pacing of the development of their relationship and how sweet of a couple these two assassins actually were. At times I found myself cracking up and others times, I was literally fanning myself. There was nothing overly explicit, but … just the positions Kuku drew them in … It was like, “take me any way you want me.” Sometimes they even looked as if they were grappling or practicing some really provocative judo. It was really hot.

Another thing, and I can’t explain why, but they seem to have the same dynamic Isshin & Ryuuken (Bleach) would have in an AU where they didn’t have to support kids who were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I’ve never even read an Isshin/Ryuuken fan fic and I only vaguely ship them, so making that kind of connection is a little weird for me, to say the least, but there you have it.


Notes: And now there’s a 2nd volume! I can’t wait!

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