Fujiyama Hyouta: Nayamuhodo Nara Koi to Yobe

I was so mad at this. I was mad because I didn’t want there to be a title by Fujiyama that I didn’t like. It would be fine if the story wasn’t interesting, but that wasn’t the issue. My ire was provoked because I really dislike younger, pushy, bratty seme. It just makes my skin itch and sometimes I can barely bring myself to finish such stories. I got through it the first time, but when I tried to reread it years later, I just couldn’t stomach it. This isn’t the only title I’m not too keen on by Fujiyama; Fusoku no Renjou and the Akutai series, both of which involve coercion, frustrate me. It’s so hard to buy the love after such an unromantic and despicable courtship, but I don’t want to set fire to them like I do this title. I think the main reason it irks me so is that it’s Fujiyama’s work and I have higher expectations when it comes to her; it seems that coercion themes by a number of other mangaka never annoy me to such a degree. I usually just acknowledge that it’s not for me and move on. Of course these are just my personal feelings. If you like Minase Masara’s Gokujou no Koibito, then this might be up your alley.

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