Feng Nong & Wang Yi: The Ravishing of the Crown Prince

I was intrigued by this, but ultimately left unsatisfied. I didn’t have any solid expectations for this and had I known then what I know now, I don’t think I would have chosen it.

This volume is only part of the story! I don’t know how many volumes there are now, but this is basically a drop in the bucket of the original, ongoing novel series. I’m a whole story kind of girl and will usually even suffer through some parts I know I won’t like just so I don’t miss anything. I NEED to know! And if I can’t know everything, then I don’t want to know anything. There aren’t too many exceptions to this. I enjoyed the character interaction and the way Ming Feng grows accustomed to his impromptu change of circumstances, but doesn’t lose his nerve and in keeping that balance, works out how to make the best of his place in this new/old world he’s found himself in. I like the way the story is told, I like the characters. I just didn’t like that it ended where it did. It wasn’t mid sentence or any such thing, but it gave you the feeling that there was so much more story to be told. And there is, volumes more.

When I learned that there was an original novel series, I asked SuBLime if they would consider picking up the novels. I was told that they wouldn’t because it was too long and not profitable. I really wish the fu-hito’s habit of buying words with/out pictures was as apparent as our habit of buying pictures with words. In time, in time. But for now, the one saving grace is that there’s supposed to be another manga volume at some point and SuBLime has the intention to license it once it’s available. Of course, there’s no telling when that will be. In the mean time I’ll either have to comfort myself with additional re-readings or forget that it even exists.

Though I’m wallowing in disappointment and heartbreak, I enthusiastically recommend this title. Then you can all join me in my impatient wait.

Yi Wang’s & Nong Feng’s The Ravishing of the Crown Prince was the prize I chose as one of the winners of SuBLime’s haiku contest. When it’s free, I try to always select something I wouldn’t normally get or pull something from what I’ve come to call “the free shipping list.” Taking chances is not my strong point, but in this way I can benefit from that conservative side of me. I’m very happy with my choice.

As I looked further into it, it seems I did know about the novel series and the manwha, even read a few chapters, but it’s been more than a year, almost two for the novel and even longer for the manwha, but my brain just never connected the two. HA!

I’m still feeling sulky about this adaptation and I really hope it continues.

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