Katou Setsuko: The Garden Where the Ivy Plant Grows

I liked the first story and the second one was alright, but I could have done without the third story. The uncle was either not pathetic enough or too pathetic–I can’t call it–for me too care about him. So, since his apathy/hopelessness/ennui/whatever was supposed to be the catalyst for the nephew’s actions, his shenanigans didn’t have any weight either. Also, it bugs me when people allow themselves to be convinced uncontested to do something they don’t particularly want to do. I’d rather have seen more of the cousins or the siren from the first story. The last story was alright as well.

Katou… Her stories always seem to lack weight in one area or another. She likes writing cold and calculating characters, ones sitting comfortably in the seat of sadism, but, for me, it’s usually a near miss.

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