Psycho-Pass S01E04-06

The old guy, I like him.

I think the guns take too long to “load.” It’s a nice effect, but the transformation sucks up time that could be spent actually shooting the target. A lot can happen in those few seconds.

Humans are social by nature.

I thought Kogami had a natural talent and was quite keen, but to find out that he was formerly an Inspector! Wow! Poor Gino lost his friend to the other side. I was thinking that when Ginoza responded to one of Kogami’s statements and Kogami smirked that they had connection greater than what had been presented thus far. But since if was a fleeting moment, I just let it fade. I’m tickled to know I wasn’t wrong.

I’m glad they are calling out Tsunemori’s flaws in a manner that doesn’t require her to continue making such egregious mistakes. She’s still my least favorite character, but I am becoming less annoyed by her presence. I loved the way she laughed when Kagari asked if she was in love with Kogami.

Half of me thinks that it was funny that she didn’t know what alcohol was really for–its existence in that society is rather interesting. On the other hand, the other half thinks it was funny that she joked about not knowing what alcohol was really for. I’m having trouble figuring out which is the correct way to read that scene.

Things are beginning to connect to the past. This guy that brings together the means and the will… interesting. Masterminding a new seemingly unconnected pair for each round of havoc is definitely a good way to keep the authorities on their toes.

For the most part, I like how each character is choosing to exist in their world. I’m feeling Ginoza’s way isn’t as bad as initially thought, but I can see him cracking. Oh! what the heck is the story with his dad? I want to know!

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