Psycho-Pass S01E01-03

Episode 1

Guns that speak only to the handler… hmmn.

Kogami is a “hound” #3 to be exact; a hunting dog.

Tsunemori… I don’t like those unbelievably naive characters. She’s a Inspector. How could she not know the basic rules of being an Inspector? She put people in danger because she didn’t follow rules. You don’t have to believe in the system, but considering the society she’s in, veering off the path can cost a life.

Episode 2

Room preference… Yes! 

Wardrobe change on the street. So are people really just walking around in holographically enhanced onesies? How does that work? If all the outfits were pants or the same length skirt, I’d understand a bit, but how does it show skin and then not?

Tsunemori… Self-searching aside… Why is she so surprised that they have a new case. Yes she’s useless and I can’t pity her. Why did she go into that line of work if she was so wishy washy in regards to her determination to carry out her duties? And how did she get so far in the Bureau without realizing how the institution/ministry she entered into operates within society? I don’t have a problem with her not wanting to obliterate the girl, but the way she went about it was like some petulant child throwing a tantrum. What happened to professionalism? I get newbies/rookies, but why do they have to make them so clueless and idealistic all the time?

I’m glad Kagari told her to turn off the waterworks and to stop hiding behind that “special” feeling of doing something only she could do. It’s fine to have that type of outlook, but she’s using it as a crutch. So I’m glad they didn’t just let that go and remain a part of Tsunemori’s “charm.”

Episode 3

I get that we need a surrogate, but the clueless one has been done to death. I’ll be glad when the show reaches the point when it’s done explaining things and can just let the story work itself out.

Ginoza is too hard the other way and rather conceited or is it just plain arrogance? He’s either going to turn out to be a bad guy because he’s so hardcoded with the whacked out Sibyl system that any type of change or progression that’s contrary to the status quo will destroy his sense of being or he’ll turn into the guy that reluctantly smiles because this newbie taught him/reminded him what it truly means to be human. queue the “awws.”

I get that we are supposed to like Kogami because he’s cool, but I like him without the push. At the moment, if I had to choose, I’d rather be a latent employed by/in servitude to the system than anyone else. I’d already be in the system as no good, so I’d be able to freely experience my full range of emotions. Of course there’s always the chance that I could be hooked up with an underhanded Inspector that could shoot me for no good reason. But I’d much rather not throw fear of my cloudy hue being detected on top of the depression, blues, anger, listlessness, or irritation that I’m already feeling.

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