Supernatural S03

At the moment I’m not liking:

  • The B word. Must Dean say it so often?
  • “Could you be more gay?”
  • They keep touching things. Have they forgotten about fingerprints or that if coming within feet of something can harm you, that actually touching things with your bare hands could kill you?
  • They don’t tell each other everything they. Come on! How many times are they going to do this. What you don’t know can kill you.
  • They do things behind each other’s back. Where is the love trust?
  • People are just clueless.
  • Why is Dean such a redneck?
  • Dean is so frivolous. He’s too cavalier sometimes; it’s annoying.

Gordon – His is simply poetic justice. I like the thundering music and sounds when he woke up after he was turned. I reminds me of some of the tracks on Tom Waits’ Mule Variations.

Dean says things that he shouldn’t. Like not clearing up the fact that the elf thought Sam was a pedo. Some of the things he says could bring more attention.

It’s sad how differently they view their childhood. Sam takes note of Dean’s landmines and walks a careful course, but doesn’t let him off the hook for things. On the other hand Dean is just… not even oblivious, just careless. He’s been made aware of how Sam feels, but still likes to pull “happy” memories out of the past. Why doesn’t he realize by now that they usually lead to a disagreement.

I understand that these things are like his way of bonding, but it’s getting old. We’re already in season three and while Sam has matured in his acceptance and the direction his life has taken, Dean’s growth is going the speed of molasses.

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