Teen Wolf S01E02

I like the way Derek just pops up and then he’s gone for a couple scenes and then pops up again. Silent, creepy, mysterious. I almost forget about him.

I don’t like Lydia. Her kind of ambition is dangerous and selfish. If she wants to be so special she should do something more than ride the coattails of other people. What kind of world did her parents show her to make her that way? At the moment she seems like a textbook product of a business or political marriage (fiction-wise). I can easily see one of her parents being slighted in some way and instilling in her the principles such as, “use them before they use you,” “don’t trust anyone,” “look out for yourself because no one else will,” and continuing on with the cliches.

I think it’s funny how the coach is so not coach material and kind of an idiot, but he knows well enough not to tell a player to keep playing even when they’re in pain.

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