Teen Wolf S01E03-04


Myers, the driver, was sorry for what? What did he have to do with Derek’s past? Was he a hunter at one time? Or a snitch? Or someone who stood by and did nothing?

Stiles is pushing Scott to not dial it back, but before he was trying to tame him. How do you switch gears like that?

Scott’s aggression is puzzling. Before he was bit, he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to fly off the handle. He seemed a bit naive and studious, but not temperamental. I get being pissed, or embarrassed when Douche starts being a douche, but for a guy who probably has the same level of annoyance for stubbing his toe and failing a test, his shifting seems haphazard. Of course the bite heightens his senses and lowers his tolerance for bs, but that would mean he should be shifting at every annoyance or at nothing at all. Even though I feel this way, I do realize that it’s just Tyler Posey’s acting that makes bitterness, annoyance, rage, and inconvenience look like the same thing.

Speaking of Douche, Colton Haynes’ character’s name escapes me, you can catch more flies with honey. If he’s so eager to find out what type of edge Scott has, he should play nice, get him to trust him (Scott’s naive, so it should be easy), and then wait for the truth. Double-crossing is not just for spy movies; it’s a totally valid means to an end and creates a better grade of conflict and tension.


I like Mr. Argent. It’s good to see a parent parenting. I like that he caught them behind the vehicle. Sometimes shows take the easy way out by using the near-miss to get out of forcing the characters to face repercussions for their actions. On the other hand, Kate is the type of character I’m usually annoyed by. Her stepping in, playing the cool aunt, rubs me the wrong way. She completely disrespected his authority. I also like Scott’s mother, who can see through his bs, but both she and Mr. Argent fail at parenting during moments in which their earlier stances should have been applied as well. Changing a character’s personality or principles for the sake of a scene is poor planning and poor storytelling.

Since Derek never actually admitted to biting Scott, finding out that there’s another wolf on the prowl isn’t all that surprising.

Stiles is a dork. I can see how easy it is for people to ship Sterek. Even though he’s scared of him, he still has this dreamy look in his eyes whenever he talks about him and he keeps doing things to provoke him, and Stiles isn’t stupid, so he’s gotta be doing it on purpose.

Scott’s tattle-tail attitude needs to be burned at the stake. I feel sorry for anyone who relies on him. Stiles is such a good friend; even though he has a valid concern regarding being killed by Scott, he sticks by him. Meanwhile, Scott flip-flops at every turn and is willing to throw anyone under the bus at a moment’s notice as long as he gets some peace of mind out of it. If he threatens to turn Derek in one more time, I’ll have a hard time forgiving him.

Peter Hale. What’s his story? He’s catatonic and Laura’s in pieces. And why did Laura return to Beacon Hills to look for the Alpha anyway? Do they have any idea who it is?

I like Allison, but I just don’t see her being naive enough to put up with Lydia. Allison seems like she wouldn’t have any problem being a loner until she encounters some one she really clicks with. Allison is a transfer student and Lydia’s been at the school since the previous year, at least (I have yet to figure out which grade they’re in). Where are her friends? Not that I would imagine that she would have many, but when she’s not sucking face with the douche or when he’s at practice, what did do she before Allison came?

How is Stiles even attracted to Lydia? Her personality sucks without a sliver of redemption.

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