Teen Wolf S01E01

Classic after school special acting. Before I started watching the show, there was Teen Wolf all over my dash. I Liked some of the pics, read some of the fics and commentary, and even reblogged a few. I enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm bubbling in the fandom. I got to see one of my mutual follows go from a casual viewer to an all out diehard fan and shipper. It was cute. Now than I’m getting back into watching TV, Teen Wolf has a chance to make a fan out of me. To chronicle this journey as well as my reintroduction to moving pictures I started No Static: A Diary of Moving Pictures.

I had an ordered list of the shows I was going to watch on which Teen Wolf was on Round 2, but due to circumstances unmentioned, it has been bumped up to first place. So here we go!

After I started paying attention to pics of Stiles on my dash, I started thinking that he would make a great vampire. It’s his mouth and pale skin. So when he made his first appearance in a gesture similar to one of the most iconic poses of the traditional vampire, I thought, “awww…” Stiles is such a cute dork.

Derek’s first appearance establishes him as creepy. A creepy guy with a nice stance.

How long have Stiles and Scott known each other? I’m hoping this will be answered soon. I ask (rhetorically, for the moment) because the scene during which Stiles is briefing Scott on his new condition didn’t sit right with me. Stiles, in what I perceive to be his mildly spastic manner, was really serious about the lycan research and earnest in his effort to share his findings with Scott. He was trying to help him, enlighten him, warn him. But Scott blew him off. Are they not close enough to know each other’s moods and motives. My bewilderment grew when Scott proved Stiles’ point by slamming Stiles against the wall and drawing his fist. Was his failure to heed the words of his friend due to the change clouding his ability to or due to his excitement and desperation regarding his date with Allison? His anger seemed forced. There’s also the possibility that he’s so confused about it all because he knows what Stiles said makes sense, but he’s trying to drown in denial. I don’t know. What bothers me about it is not the reason why, but I just don’t like seeing people forsake their friends—people they should know well enough to recognize their “serious face.”

The Hunter being Allison’s dad is a very nice wrench for Scott.

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