Scandal S02E01-03

Episode 1

And we’re back. Quinn is Lindsey and allegedly killed seven people. Steven is gone?

Look! It’s Logan Hunsberger’s dad/ Wes from Rich ManPoor Man.

I’m not fond of characters who  give up on the people who have been supporting them. Quinn/Lindsey is making my skin itch.

I had a feeling about Olivia’s hand in Lindsey’s situation, but I guess they’ll get back to the back story soon enough.

Episode 2

It’s fair game. Everybody’s open for skewering, but the

The Sudan photo. Faked?

Lindsey is stupid.

I hate that they’re making me feel like I should root for them. But as long as he’s married, I can’t. However, I will say, they really get my vote for most believable struggle.

Episode 3

And so I caught it. Ms. NSA said she didn’t know who Arty was, but in her reassurance shpiel she said from Data entry to ???…. I don’t know what she said after that because once she gave info that she was not given about a guy she claims not to know, I couldn’t hear anymore.

I don’t work there, but I know the rules. Why do they question her? They’ve been there long enough. When Olivia speaks, do first, ask later; lives are always in the balance.

I didn’t see that coming. Wow.

Well, it just got good. So you know what that means…

See you at the end of the season or until I encounter something mind-blowing or I’m fed up.

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