Scandal S01E06-07

Episode 6 

How chaste will their relationship be. The one minute thing. The name thing.

Oh… not very chaste at all. Aww… and I was hoping for a long-suffering love.

Oh! Billy?

Oh! The one minute thing! It almost makes you want to cheer for them, but he’s still married. He needs do like Souls of Mischief says and “grab the girl, take the money, and run.” I think that was on the Get on the Bus Soundtrack. One of the many movies I’ve never seen, but have a soundtrack for.

Episode 7

No Gideon… Noooooooooooooooooooo! He was so cute.

So who is Quinn Perkins?

I am the law and the law is me. I love this line. Is it particular to this show?

The look of heartbreak on Fritz’s face when Olivia told him to be the man she voted for.

Since they kind of brushed it off, I wasn’t sure about Amanda’s death, but It never really was clear who was actually behind it, but it seems that the sausage maker was after all.

OK. I’m still a little stuck on the whole kids situation and I wonder why he was sure Amanda’s kid wasn’t his. The First Lady is something else. I don’t agree with them bringing a child in the world to support their end goal.

I was not expecting the season to be so short. If I had to pick any one thing that I would change it would be the manner in which Quinn’s character is being handled. She’s brought into this club house and is barely initiated. Everyone just looks at her like she should already know. They deal in delicate things, it doesn’t make sense for them to bring her on trial-by-fire style. Her not being clued in on how they work, where boundaries are drawn, and, on the whole, what’s at stake is completely reckless. So, even if she is supposed to be the character that represents the audience (the character who introduces us to the other characters, the character through whose eyes we come to understand everything about the world being created right before our eyes), they can’t leave her so out of the loop. Delicate things need to be handled with care and if you don’t have instructions for it, theirs a pretty good chance that you’ll break something. Their reputation is on the line with everything they do and as Olivia is so fond of saying, “it’s [her] name on the door,” you would think they would not be so careless about how they bring someone into the fold.

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