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[/twocol_one_last]Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote to nuu not too long after receiving and reading volumes 1 and 2 a few years ago:

… I received my books on Saturday. I initially read the first volume online and I really got into the relationship dynamics of the four main characters and the cadence of the dialogue, so I wasn’t satisfied to just stop there. I reread volume one last night and found myself cracking up at the same parts and catching other things that I missed the first time around. I read the second volume this morning and was wowed even further by the pace and tone of that one. Finding out that Josh and Jay were not strangers merely connected by the mutual acquaintance of Metis was an welcomed eye-opener but it really did seem right somehow. So it wasn’t so much of a surprise as it was like finding one of the last 3 pieces of a puzzle. Again, the relationship dynamics were so terribly engaging, this volume, even more so, that I felt ‘The End, Forever’ was such a weird place to stop. Even with the extras (which were so good), I was so disappointed that there wasn’t more. But that’s just another way of me saying that the volumes were completely awesome and if there were more to the story I wouldn’t hesitate to snatch them up in whichever form they came.
n.b. As a female, I really appreciate your portrayal of Sarah, Odette and Michelle. Too often in the shounen ai/yaoi universe, women just fill the role of a negative catalyst for the advancement of the fated relationship. Even though there really are flesh and blood women like that (I really have met some), it is rather depressing to know that most shounen ai/yaoi mangaka being women are somewhat reliant on writing women in such a disturbing fashion. It may not be that deep to you, but for me it is quite refreshing.

And I got a great response. I was actually quite true to my word. I had an opportunity to have a prose oneshot specially written by Schumie and I snatched it up without delay for the price of a cheap date.

You can read here, if they still have it, it would be awesome if you bought; it’s totally worth whatever efforts you make to get it.

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