I am completely beside myself with how much I love Sakamichi no Apollon!

I generally think, “everything in its own time.” I get to whatever it is when the time is right. Rushing is not my style, but this…

My first blog ever was named mfamoaprism, which is an acronym for moving fast as molasses on a pet rock in slow motion. Now, if you can get the picture, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “rushing is not my style.”

But this series… I rarely say this, but wish I had rushed to watch it when it was first subbed. How long ago was that? I could have been basking the supreme awesomeness that is Kids on the Slope all along. Would you believe that the extent to which I love this show has me in tears? What I’m saying is, it’s not just the show, but also how much I love it that has me astounded.

I try not to look too closely at anything I’m not ready for, so I didn’t know that the music they were playing was Jazz. As Jazz instrumentals and vocals are my OTP when it comes to music, I think if I had known, I would have watched it sooner. What actually put it on my radar was screen shots and fanart of the picture perfect lovebirds Sen and Bon forever pulling at my BL heartstrings and Sen’s stripped shirt, I’ve just got a thing for guys in (non-correctional) horizontal stripes.

I’m so excited about what this show is doing to me and my emotions. I love how satisfying it is; I have haven’t watched or read anything that has hit me in such a way in quite some time… and I haven’t even finished watching it yet!

I can hardly describe what Sen’s and Bon’s friendship means to me, does to me. Slashing aside, their bond is so strong and yet extremely fragile. Two kids with baggage who are still managing to hold on; at times clumsily, freely, tightly, tentatively. Oh, I’m tearing up again.

Once I finish the anime, I’ll check out the manga. It’s almost too much.

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