SHOOWA: Non Tea Room

I’ve read this plenty of times, but it’s one of those books that I feel compelled to flip through every time I come across it. Although I read the whole thing last night, I don’t always, sometimes I just speed read through to some of my favorite parts. I liked that there was more to each character than just their brooding or their obliviousness. In the main story, I loved that the character you thought you would feel pity for turned out to be the strongest one. It wasn’t in the “I love you, so I’ll let you go” kind of way or in the “after all I’ve been through, I can finally stand up to you” kind of way, either; they were strong all along. In the second story, I loved that someone fell in love with someone who most would warn against or think that person was desperate for doing so, but the truth was that they were loving them with both eyes open. I like SHOOWA’s work; her characters are all ones that I can reach out and touch.

This is an excerpt from a Tumblr conversation I had with moromi.

  • This is preceded by Nobody Knows in which Modoru’s story is told.
  • Renji’s history with Arthur and the band is included in Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai.
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