Garrett Leigh--More Than Life

Garrett Leigh: More than Life

More Than Life was a pretty short story about a Isa, a CIA operative who helps out a Kosovan resistance operative named Mikail. There’s something stirring between them from the first time they meet and over the course of time, as they trade information and such, they get to know each other and fall in love. Mikail […]

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Nicola Haken--Counting Daisies

Nicola Haken: Counting Daisies

I don’t have much to say about this story. I was in the Kindle store via the app looking for another story by Garrett Leigh when Nicola Haken’s face popped up in one of the recommended lists. I love everything I’ve read by her, so I abandoned Garrett Leigh and jumped to see if there […]

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Garrett Leigh--Misfits

Garrett Leigh: Misfits

Tom and Cass, co-owners of a multifaceted food service company, have been together for nine years and have a love so strong that no one understands. Tom and Cass also have an open relationship and aren’t in the habit of hiding their bed mates, not that they flaunt them–no one understands that either. But their […]

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Garrett Leigh--What Remains

Garrett Leigh: What Remains

I’ve had What Remains on my wishlist for a while. I absolutely love the cover. Love it. But what’s even better is that the story was good, too. Rupert and Jody had been together for four years when Jodi was hit by a stolen car and ended up in a coma. Part One, the first third […]

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Kat Decker--Off the Record - Story 2 - The Overachiever

Kay Decker: Off the Record

Off the Record is a collection of three short stories–“The Internship”, “The Overachiever”, and “After Hours”–featuring journalists and interns. After reading three of her novel-length stories, these didn’t do much for me. They weren’t bad, but I think she does better when her stories have room to breathe. Or perhaps I’m just greedy and only want […]

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Lucy Hawkins--Finding Orlando

Lucy Hawkins: Finding Orlando

Ethan is old money and he lives amongst his kind in shared housing at Dalton University. He’s on the swim and he seems to be well-liked. He’s also deep in the closet and has no plans for coming out anytime soon–his father locked that door and threw away the key. Living across the hall from him is […]

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Alice Fox--Boned-a

Alice Fox: Boned

Boned is a completed webcomic–just three chapters, but no collected volume cover yet. To be perfectly honest, though, I don’t know what to make of it. New loves, slipped mickeys, avian hi-jinx, forgotten nights, fenced jewelry, and safe sex. It was like a half-remembered poem inside a fevered dream. Some things gave me pause while […]

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Elaine Ashford--Against the Current

Elaine Ashford: Against the Current

Jake and Miles are freestyle rivals on the same swim team. They are both gay and secretly attracted to each other, but they can’t help but antagonize each other. And to top that all off, they think the other is straight. Provincials are around the corner, so their coach lines up Jake, Tom, Ryan, and […]

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Aubrey Cullens--Sliding Into Home

Aubrey Cullens: Sliding Into Home

Danny works two jobs to help pay for his late mother’s medical bills and to support his friend Laura, a college student, and her younger brother, Chad, who’s in high school. When Chad came out to his parents, they kicked him out and Laura told them that if they did want him, they couldn’t have […]

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