Notes: Finder’s Future Looks SuBLime

Yamane Ayano--Finder V01-V07 - [Juné]

So, today (or yesterday, by the time this posts), SuBLime announced they were rescuing Finder. It’s a dual licensing–print and digital–and they’ll be releasing volume 8 in March 2017 and then back tracking to volumes 1-7 at a clip of one every other month…

I’m not surprised. However, I was a bit surprised at how quickly this announcement came after the DMI/Libre breakup, but then I remembered that the breakup happened a while back, but DMI just waited until the last minute to share the news. Unless the DMI/Libre agreement included some variety of a non-compete clause, there’s a pretty good chance talks between Yamane, Libre, and SuBLime started before the June 30th cut-off date for DMI’s rights.

Admittedly, my head has been stuck in a MM cloud for the past two months and I’ve just about ignored everything else–books and otherwise–but I guess my brain is fuzzier than I’d like to admit, because I am at a loss as to what SuBLime’s focus on “MA” in their tweets [1 | 2] was meant to hint at. There’s the possibility that the first one could be for emphasizing the syllable, but if that’s so, then what of the second one? If it’s nothing, then it just seems weird… Even though the lack of understanding will plague me, it’s not important.

What is important is that I have volumes 1-7 of Juné’s Finder and I have no idea what to do with them. To be honest, I’m over it. The series. My volume 6 is still wrapped in plastic. And I’ve had it for how long? Even before all this happened I thought about what I should do with them, but that thought never went anywhere and now look where I am… Any takers? You pay shipping & handling? Just a thought.

Anyway, I’m also glad to know that Yamane’s Crimson Spell is now licensed digitally. I remember liking the series to some extent, but not enough to want it in print. Since SuBLime also secured the digital license for Finder, there’s a chance I could jump back into it somewhere down the line. Who knows… I’m not really in the right mind to be making these kinds of decisions.

Well, congrats to SuBLime and all the Finder fans. May the series last long enough to see Tao grow up and bend Fei Long over a nice, hard surface.

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