Dillon Hunter: Spotlight

Dillon Hunter--SpotlightFan meets his Idol and they fall in love. Asher Cain is famous and Micah Hart is not–not yet, anyway. As the reigning king of rom-coms, Asher has an image to uphold and his agent will probably suffer a coronary making sure he does. At an industry party, Asher is going through the motions, bored out of his mind. Micah’s there with his BBF, Brittany, herself and actress, when he spots his idol. He tries to be inconspicuous as he wanders close to the huddle Asher is in when Asher catches his gaze and winks. Micah was already smitten, but the one interaction was all it took for Asher to want more.

Very early in the story, Asher is waiting for Micah to arrive and he’s going through his inner monologue, going on and on about how intriguing and attractive and magnetic Micah is. Now, I’m not saying Micah isn’t all those things but the story has not revealed any of that yet, so I’m hard-pressed to take Asher’s word for it. Asher’s a star, so it’s easier to accept Micah’s awe. However, just passed 50% of the story and I was still not feeling the need for the praise or the chemistry between them. They were just two people who kept trying to convince me that the object of their lust was a gift to humanity and that, together, they have this undeniable chemistry, but I don’t see it.

Because of that, I don’t get why Asher wants disrupt his star-studded life for Micah or why Micah sees any reason to wait around for Asher to come out of the closet. Micah decided that he wanted to go ahead and try and see where things between them would go and he went in fully aware, but it is kind of difficult for him because he’s not in the closet and he doesn’t want to live there again.

It was one thing for them to have discreet dates at Asher’s house, but the one time that they went out, Asher pretty much had to ignore his acquaintance with Micah. I was glad that that incident became the breaking point for Micah because it wasn’t his thing to be ignored or dismissed or pushed aside because he was a person and he didn’t deserve that and if Asher wanted to be with him, he was going to have to be out.

It took a invasion of privacy, a paparazzi swarm, a media storm, and a grand public gesture, but of course they got back together and lived happily and successfully ever after.

This was a relatively short story, so there wasn’t enough time to properly deal with all the drama that happened in between. If I just take it as a snack and ignore that the characters never actually exhibited any kind of dynamic, Spotlight was okay, nice, even. It wasn’t all that exciting, but it was fine.

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